In general, we handle legal matters for "people", in both their personal and commercial affairs. Many of the "businesses" for whom we act are very large, but in the main they are owned and operated by people, whether they are individuals, families or a combination of several groups. The types of businesses are extremely broad and range from sole traders, consultancies, retail shops, small manufacturing and service businesses, franchises, professional practices to large manufacturing and distribution companies. We also assist a number of charities, both large and small and regularly advise on how they might be established or structured and on various issues that arise in the course of their operation.

Specifically, we have extensive experience in handling matters in the following areas:-

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Wills, Testamentary Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardians

We frequently prepare Wills, Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Guardians for people in many and various circumstances, including Wills for clients who have been married before and who have a “blended family” and also Wills involving “testamentary trusts”. We also have considerable experience in advising clients who have a need to make special provision for particular beneficiaries, such as children with disabilities. Importantly, we also commonly provide advice at that time on related issues concerning superannuation.

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We handle a considerable number of deceased estates, both large and small, including those which have ongoing and continuing trusts. We have extensive experience in advising on the distribution of estate assets, which invariably involves consideration of important taxation and other similar issues.

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We handle various disputes and claims before the Courts in relation to Estates, including challenges to the validity of Wills, disputes between beneficiaries and executors and also claims of various kinds for further provision under the Succession Act.

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For many years we have handled the sale, purchase, redevelopment, lease and restructure of properties of all kinds; be they residential, commercial or rural, including properties in company title buildings and interests in retirement villages.

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We have extensive experience in handling a wide range of business and commercial matters, including the sale and purchase of businesses, advising on the structure and restructuring of those businesses, advising on insolvency issues and the duties and responsibilities of directors, assisting with partnership and joint venture agreements and advising and assisting in the finalisation of licences and franchises. The range and diversity of these matters is as broad as the great variety of the businesses involved. Doug Spencer has been an Accredited Specialist in Business Law since 1993.

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We have considerable litigation experience handling disputes of many kinds across most jurisdictions, but primarily matters involving proceedings before the Supreme Court.